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We’ve already seen quite a lot of word puzzles, both in our board games days and after the advent of their online versions. Now there is a new hot title quickly winning everyone’s hearts and screens – Wordle. As simple as it looks, this game is challenging enough to keep you hooked up and highly addictive. What makes it so? Let’s find out!

What are the rules?

When you launch the game, you will see a mess of letters mixed randomly around the screen. Somewhere among them, there are five that can be formed into a word. Your task is to find and highlight them. You don’t have too many attempts at it – just six. So look carefully! It’s a high chance there will be more than one 5-letter words you will be able to discover.

You can check if your wild guess is correct and even if not, the game still won’t leave you without a clue – you will be able to see which of the words you highlighted are actually in the word that is supposed to be found and which of them are in the right positions. That’s already something to base your further searches on! Succeeding in this game will require not only attentiveness, but also the ability to take your time and not to be in a hurry. Even if your fingers are already itching to type in the answer, you’re not pressed for time and it’s better to give it some more thought before wasting another try!

Just one puzzle a day and it’s the same for everyone!

Now, the feature that makes Wordle so fascinating and unlike any other word game is that there is just one puzzle you can play per day. And this puzzle is the same for everyone. So basically all the players take their chance at the same task and then can find out how many others have guessed it or failed it as well. Based on this, there is a leaderboard where you can hope to see your own name if you try hard enough. The puzzle resets itself at midnight, and you can share your answer over social networks without leaking out any spoilers to your friends or community buddies.

This element of competition considerably increases interest in the game and the fact that there is always a new puzzle to solve makes the game really intriguing because you know for sure there will be no repetitions. Besides, the more you play Wordle the better you become at finding words – at least 5-letter ones. Discover this great game for yourself either on your own or invite your friends to join the fun and have a nice break from all the worries and troubles every day trying to solve another Wordle puzzle!

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