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Wordle is a new popular puzzle game that challenges you to find the word of the day on a letter grid playing against thousands of other people in pursuit of a better rating. The word changes every day and it’s the same for everyone, so it’s kind of a competition where you have a chance to move up the leaderboards if you guess the right word at fewer attempts and with enough regularity! Shall we get started?

Can five letters be that tricky?

Just like many other games of the sort, Wordle is dedicated to searching out the right letters and combining them into the right word. You’ll have to start your searches on a grid filled up with all kinds of letters scattered around it in a random manner. There is no apparent connection between them – but only up to the point when you look closer and start seeing various possibilities. Carefully scan the entire screen and check out which of the letters seem to join into something resembling words either horizontally or vertically. Don’t be in a hurry – there are no time limits and you can ponder on the puzzle even whole day long.

Once you think you’ve found the answer, you can make your first attempt at guessing. In total, there will be six. But you won’t be entirely clueless after the first unsuccessful try. If you guess even a few or one letter that are in the word in question, they will be highlighted and you’ll known what to look for further. The game will also tell you if any of these letters are in the right positions. Which basically means the rest are somewhere around it. Oh, and the word only contains five letters which makes it easier to figure it out.

Try to guess the word of the day and move up the leaderboards!

It wouldn’t be so interesting to play Wordle if it wasn’t for a little bit of competition. There is just one puzzle that is updated on a daily basis. And all of the people playing the game are solving the same one. Those who managed to do it get their points based on the number of attempts they used to do it. The number of points earned overall affects your position on the leaderboards. So there is always a motivation for you to keep launching the game every day and giving it another try. Besides, you can share your guesses with friends and over social media without tipping everyone off because the answer will be hidden until another update. Wordle is a great choice for those who enjoy puzzle games and want to prove to the rest of the world that they are smarter than the others. Plunge into it right now and start by trying to guess the word that is today’s specialty!

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