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Like all other organs and muscles in our body, our brain may get out of shape with time, especially if it doesn’t receive proper training. One way to change it is to start playing puzzle games that are not only entertaining, but also activate a great number of your skills you may not be using so much in your daily life. For instance, Quardle is good both for improving your visual perception, attention and enriching your vocabulary! Care to try?

Compete in word guessing!

If you already played games like Wordle, you know what to do here. Only instead of just one word you have to guess four. That makes the whole task much more complicated since the number of attempts per word is also smaller. So now you don’t have a lot of space to make mistakes and have to think really carefully. Like in all other games of the sort, there is just one puzzle offered to everyone playing Quardle and a new one goes online every day. So you can’t just skip levels and play at will – you have to solve what’s at hand. Whether you will earn any points for this or not depends on how many right answers you give and how many tries you spend raking your brains in the process. Let’s start right now!

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