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Globe Unlimited

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How well do you know the geography of our planet? What about different countries, their locations and borders? This wonderful game will test your knowledge of this subject! You have to guess the country shown on the map. And if you think it will be easy, then you just haven’t played Globe Unlimited yet!

Brush up your geography!

Each of us knows quite well where the USA, China or major European countries are located. But when it comes to states located somewhere in South America or Africa, problems begin. Imagine how upset it would be for some inhabitant of Ecuador or Honolulu if he could not show his country on the world map! It’s time to fix the situation! After playing this game a little, you will significantly increase your geographical knowledge and will be able to accurately recognize even the most obscure countries!

Which country is shown on the map?

So, on the screen of your computer or smartphone, you will see a certain part of our planet, on which the country in question is indicated. Your task is to guess what it’s called. Take a close look at the circled area. If specific signs (for example, the location on the peninsula or the rivers flowing through this territory) do not help you, perhaps the outlines themselves will seem familiar? And even if you have no idea what’s in front of you, you can always just type the answer at random! Good luck!

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