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Heardle Unlimited

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Music surrounds us. Even if you’re not a great fan of music, you can’t avoid hearing it everywhere. Let’s say you don’t have your favorite playlist and never walk with your earplugs in. But you can still hear bits of popular songs in advertisement, at cafes and bars, even simply when your friend is humming one. And before you know it, it’s stuck in your head! This fun and entertaining game is meant to find out how well you know the hottest tracks out there – and maybe some less widely recognized ones!

Guess a song by intro!

Your task in this game is simple – you have to listen to the first few notes of a tune that you’ve definitely heard somewhere and guess its name. Can you do it by just one short intro? That’s what you’ll have to find out playing Heardle Unlimited! The game contains a huge list of tracks of all genres, from disco to hard rock, that you need to recognize without hearing any of the verses, choruses or even a word of lyrics. Those who have a keen ear for music will probably be able to do it most of the times, although some songs are rather tricky. Start discovering all the amazing music waiting for you in Heardle Unlimited and enjoy the gameplay!

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