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Puzzle games don’t necessarily have to be all that serious to evoke our interest. Sometimes it can be good to enjoy some simple fun and food around. And Fartsle will offer you such an opportunity! Do you remember how everyone used to giggle back in your childhood whenever someone says the word ‘fart’? Well, this game is all about it. It’s a word game where you need to find as many F words on the board as you can to maximize your score. So, let’s begin?

Who farted?

After launching the game, you’ll see a grid containing certain letters. They seem to be totally random, but you can definitely find a good deal of farts in here. You just have to look carefully and keep your eyes peeled for the right combinations of letters! They can be connected either vertically or horizontally. At first, it might be rather confusing – you may find it challenging to spot the needed clusters of letters in all that mess. But you’ll get used to it in time and will be able to do it much faster and more skillfully.

Simple, daring and fun!

Fartsle is a game that won’t take up a lot of your time. Just a few minutes spent in it when you have a window in your working schedule or if you are simply bored and have nothing to do will freshen you up and raise your mood. You’ll be able to return to your routine feeling a little bit more relaxed and entertained. Besides, it’s so great to see your name move up the rating as you get better and better at finding those farts! Start practicing right now and have fun!

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