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It is difficult to calculate how many basketball fans there are in the world. Stepping out into the street and simply pointing your finger at the crowd is almost certain to hit someone who doesn’t miss a single game and knows all the famous NBA players like the back of their hand. Maybe they even have a poster of Michael Jordan hanging on the wall or a T-shirt with his autograph. But there are also a lot of people who play basketball themselves. Of course, only a few become stars. Those you can immediately recognize at a glance. Is it really so?

Do you recognize this basketball player?

Poeltl Unlimited invites you to play an interesting game. Look at your computer screen. You will see a dark silhouette – it could be anyone. But if you look closely, the outlines will start to remind you of someone you know. You still haven’t figured it out? It’s one of your favorite basketball players! Now that you know exactly which direction to think in, your task becomes easier. But not much.

Guessing all the players encrypted in the game is quite difficult. In the end, all that you can come from when making your assumptions and conclusions is just a human figure painted over in gray! But small details can give you a clue. For example, you can recognize a player by the characteristic shape of the face, ears, hairstyle, or even posture. After all, each person is individual and sometimes can give himself away even just by tilting his head.

Puzzle game for real basketball fans!

But that’s not all you have to do! It is not enough just to enter the player’s name in the appropriate line. It is also necessary to indicate which league and team he plays in, down to the number on his jersey. Only real basketball fans can handle such knowledge. Who are you for sure if you decide to play Poeltl Unlimited!

Here you will find a lot of levels and, accordingly, a lot of athletes that you have to guess. After all, even if you do not know the correct answer, you can always write the first thing that comes to your mind – suddenly it turns out to be correct! Pass level after level, score points, increase your position in the overall rating of players and, most importantly, have a great time!

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