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Moviedle Unlimited

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Do you consider yourself a great connoisseur of cinema? Do you visit every premier that hits the screen and never miss an opportunity to watch your favorite movies once again when they are on TV? If you’re one of those people whose collection of films barely fits into their hard drive, you will surely be excited to try your hand at Moviedle Unlimited, a new game challenging you to guess a movie from a sequence of frames that replace one another in a matter of split seconds!

Is a bunch of frames enough to guess a movie?

Guessing a movie is easy if you can stop it and take a careful look even at one single scene. But what if these scenes flicker before your eyes like crazy? All you can catch is a short glimpse of every frame and it doesn’t last more than a fraction of a second. Overall, you’ll have just several seconds to try and recognize the film in question. Will your guess be correct? Maybe you’ll be lucky one time, but will you be able to pass all the levels?

Keep your eyes peeled and try to recognize all films!

Moviedle Unlimited will test your knowledge of all possible films, from those that are fresh on the news to those released decades ago. Those who spend a lot of their time watching movies will surely have an advantage over those who just decided to have some fun and see what this game is about. But in any case, it will be a great training of your attentiveness and memory! Start playing right now, type in the answers you think are right in the word box below the virtual cinema screen and see how many of them are actually correct!

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