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Google Snake

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As a kid, everyone probably used to have a Tetris. This little device packed a whole lot of games that could keep you hooked up for hours despite their simple looks and primitive concepts. One of them was Snake – the very game where you had to control a virtual snake picking up dots on the screen and adding them to your length. Now you can play a more colorful and interesting version made by Google!

Grow longer, move faster!

In Google Snake, the idea remains the same. But the design has changed – now instead of an abstract snake you control a train that is moving around the map picking up passengers. Let’s agree, now it seems like a real and important job! The more passengers you pick up the longer your train becomes. And you have to maneuver between various obstacles that appear on the map as you move through the levels. Also you need to avoid bumping into your own tail which may happen after reaching a certain size. There are various locations to choose from, so you won’t suffer the lack of visual diversity which often was the case of the first clumsy pixel titles like that. Start playing this new updated version of the good old Tetris game online and have fun!

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